Technical Information

Wetcast (BS1217:1997)

Mean Compressive Strength35 N/mm2 Min
Mean water absorbtionIn Accordance with Grade A
Mean Density2400 Kg/m3
Dimensional tollerance0-2m 0mm - 1mm, 2m+ 0mm-6mm

Semi Dry (BS1217:1997)

Mean Compressive Strength25 N/mm2 Min
Drying Shrinkage0.06%
Mean water absorbtion7% Dry Weight
Mean Density2225 Kg/m3
Dimensional tollerance0-2m 0mm - 5mm, 2m+ 0mm-10mm


Reccomended motar mix1:1:6 cement:lime:sand
ReinforcementMild Steel (galv/ssteel to order)
PackagingPalletised, banded and shrink wrapped
Movement JointsEvery 6m or bed reinforcement above and below openings


A wide variety of specialist fixings are available throughout the construction industry which can be incorporated into the design of cast stone components. Working in conjunction with companies such as RFA, HALFEN and ANCON we can offer advice on the practicalities of incoporating such units. We can also supply fixings as part of the contract package

Structural Use Semi Dry

All cast stone heads and cill are decorative and are not designed to be load bearing.

Structural Use Wecast

The same applications as semi-dry but has the ability to be loadbearing through incorporation of reinforcement bars and mesh.
Quoins, Plinths and String Courses can be used in load bearing situations when used in compression. All units are reinforced where necessary with handling reinforcement.


Many factors influence the way cast stone weathers, such as design, exposure, climate and surrounding. All pigments used are colourfast and durable and conform to BS1014. Stone F architectural dressings will weather in a similar manner to natural stone, when exposed to similar conditions.


As with all reconstructed stone and cement based products there is the possibility that the temporary phenomenon known as efflorescence will occur causing lightening of colour. This will reduce over a period of time with natural weathering

Health & Safety

The contractor shall ensure that health, safety and welfare measures required or by virtue of the provision of any enactment or regulation or the working rules of the industry are complied with.